What’s in a name


adjective: guerrilla



noun: guru; plural noun: gurus
  1. an influential teacher or popular expert.
synonyms: expertauthorityleading lightprofessionalmaster, mentor

We think our name is quite apt for what we do

We are a small team of smart people attempting to free our clients up from the Silo’d behaviour, inefficient delivery of code.  By changing atitiudes and bringing together the Business and IT into one way of working.

We focus on:-

  • Collaboration not Co-ordination
  • Automation not Manual
  • Continous Feedback not lengthy Test Cycles
  • Scientific thinking of proof not hope for the best.

We also:-

  • Empowered your staff to make the right choices at the right times.
  • Single Business and IT alignment.
  • Drive optimisation of work processes
  • Embedded continual improvement mindset into your organisation’s structure.

In order to maximize your throughput and ways of working we help you drive a new way of thinking and a fresh culture that empowers you and your staff to make the right decisions.

Our team of experts are there to help you transform your company into a Lean IT organisation with real metrics and ‘Ways of Working’ to make you and your teams successful


Dan Evans

Founder of Guerrilla Guru

Why Guerrilla Guru?

As more and more businesses realise the importance of driving a digital way of working they are looking to move with the times and re-dress the business focus.  A key feature of this transition is that the separation of Business and IT is getting blurred – to a point where they are viewed as one collaborative team.

DevOps, Cloud, Lean and Agile ways of working all are a huge emphasis on this change and are inextricably linked.  This is why we as a company are ideally placed to help define your new ways of working and implement automation and ways of working to increase your response to competition.

We can help drive a Digital way of working and a collaborative culture that as a foundation gives your business the edge.




Is cloud right for you?  Is it safe?  We can answer these questions and quickly establish a migration approach for your existing on-premise solution.

Migrations to the cloud can be as simple as a lift and shift but you need to be careful to ensure that approach is the right one for you.  Migrating to the cloud isn’t just a simple case of using a server in a remote data centre.  To get the full worth of cloud you need to look at Infrastructure as Code, Cost Optimisation, Scaling and Disaster Recovery considerations (to name a few).  The good thing is we can help with all these questions and lots more giving you the confidence and security to move to a sustainable, cheaper and flexible environment.

We can assist with the whole cloud adoption in your company or you can use us as a second opinion if you need too.


Are you paying too much for in Cloud?

Perhaps you’re not sure but would like some assurances?

We can most certainly help you implement change.  The key to our success in customer cost optimisation is how we align with your goals and objectives.   We do this by providing a ‘No Win with No Fee‘ mentally.  Can this really be true?  Yes completely.  It’s very simple.

We do a free assessment of your current usage and, if we can’t implement a 20% saving or more to your specific cloud provider you don’t have to pay us.  However, if we are successful in giving you 20% or over in terms of saving in a month comparison then our one-off fee will be the amount we saved in the month (not over the whole year) comparison.

Either way, you have nothing to lose with an assessment so contact us.




DevOps has a deep intrinsic link with Agile and Lean behaviours as such we take a complete view in ensuring you get the true benefits of DevOps – not just the nice tools and graphs.  Giving you an automated Build and Deployment pipeline is only a small aspect of what will drive efficiencies.   We take into account the existing culture and the organisational structure to ensure you don’t get a smooth production line of changes.

At Guerrilla Guru we also pride ourselves on having a people within the teams that are highly respected in the IT industry.  We provide services to client CTO/CIOs, Heads of IT, Leaders of Digital who want to verify their ideas/strategies and opinions before going to Senior Leadership teams and boardrooms with their plans.

For us, this is a great time to help and assist in setting the foundations.  In our combined history we have done many many transformations and can call out issues with approaches and with incorrect ways of working before you set expectations to the wider audience.

We also can prescribe and explain to you and your stakeholders how your business could look if you’re looking to transform into a lean, agile and flexible business