About Us

Bright Idea

The highly effective core team has been brought together by mutual respect of working with each other on different secondments – oh and the fact we think what we do is pretty cool.

We want to try and disrupt the way Consultancies typically do business and set us apart through a different model.  Too many times we have seen Consultancies/Competitors go into a Client site with an angle of upselling and with Account Managers who have objectives to increase their bonuses by selling the client people they don’t need and making promises that they can’t deliver.

At Guerrilla Guru because our central ethos is around DevOps and Lean ways of working we take the approach of aligning clients goals with our business goals – it sounds simple and it sounds like something a salesperson would sell but it’s not.

Our commitment to you as a customer is we’ll always call it as we see it.  If you don’t need us or no longer require our services then we’ll call that out to you ourselves.  It not that we don’t like working with you it is actually so you’ll trust us enough to come back if you do have something.

We are a lean company and by committing to a business strategy which is based on Word-of-mouth and personal recommendations we don’t spend(waste) money on Sales consultant.  So even from this proposition, you can ensure that our objectives are aligned to your success – our business model depends on it ( aligning mutual goals and objectives)


Business Model

Our business model is optimized for a Technical Consultancy.  We’ve made some tough decisions to ensure we add business value for our customers and to ensure we run a lean and efficient company.

One of the decisive decisions we made, and have kept too early on, is to not have Sales People.  This may seem counter-intuitive to some but we really do believe in standing by our reputation.  We are not looking to take over the world and are always suspicious of consultancies that try to.

By not having Sales team we can give you a decision that’s purely based on a technical or strategic vision that best for you.

This also means we focus on delivery whats right for the customer.

Our Goals

If you’re thinking of choosing us then you should know what we’re trying to achieve.

  • To be the trusted IT partner for our Clients talk to
    • We will achieve this through repeatable business
    • Providing IT leadership as part of our Statements Of Work (SOW)
  • To be a thought leader in Cloud, DevOps and Digitial transformations in our industry
    • We will achieve this through
      • Whitepapers
      • Blogs that drive Ways of Working
      • Open Workshops
      • Seminars and Conferences
      • Ensure our team members have prominent reputations in their field of expertise.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Continous Improvments