Dan on #DisruptiveLive

Dan on #DisruptiveLive

You know how it is – one minute you’re crying into your drink with England knocked out of the World Cup in Russia and the next minute you agree to go onto a TV show to talk about DevOps and Cloud.

The next day you send a text to the guy, in this case, Jez Back

The conversation when like this

Me:  “We both were a bit worse for wear so if you didn’t mean to invite me to the show then no harm no foul.”

Jez:  “No we’d like you on – it will be exactly like when we were talking last night… Keep in all the enthusiasm.”

Ok, then I’ll treat it as one of life’s lessons.  I tell Jez I hope I don’t waste his time and if he thinks its a good idea I’m all for it.

I put the phone down

Me: “@£%@!”

A day or two before the show he touches base with me.  I suspect it was to see if I was going to chicken out, but I assure him I’ll be there,  nervous but looking forward to it.  As we’re saying goodbye he says

“Don’t forget the Famous Cloudshow Sci-fi Quiz no pressure or anything.”

Me “Of course not – looking to lay down some Geek Kudos.”.  I reassure him.

I put the phone down

Me: “@£%@!”

Now for people who don’t follow DisruptiveTV #theCloudshow at the end of each show, Jez does the sci-fi quiz with the guests of that week.  I’ve often watched it and sat there questioning if indeed I’m Geek enough.  What have I got myself into!

Disruptive Studio
At the Disruptive Studio

The day arrives and I have a pleasant journey up.  I didn’t quite know what to expect, and even when I got there, I still waiting for Jez to tell me he was only joking.  I go to the studio and meet the production team ( yep production team) and see the broad array of cameras.  Everyone is chilled out and relaxed, and Jez is in his element entirely at ease and telling me all about how things works and to tell him about my journey.  He explains it is so the team can get the mic levels correct.

behind the camera
Behind the cameras

I’m nervous as hell, and he starts speaking.  I have fear in my heart at this point in time – Where do I look?  WHERE DO I LOOK!!!  Do I look at the Camera – the one with the red light is my best guess but then I’m talking to Jez will it look weird if I’m not looking at him.  Then I remember his advice – its just a chat with mates.

We get to the part I’m dreading the quiz… At this point, you’re probably expecting me to tell you – I’m sorry but you’re going to have to find out at

TheCloudShow S2E8 – Cloud & DevOps w/ @Jez_Back

In the end, the show felt like 5 minutes, but was over 30 minutes and to top it all it was in one take!

I lost my place a couple of times, and my train of thought went out of the window but I loved every moment, what a buzz and what a fantastic experience I’ll never forget.

Thanks to Jez and the team at DisruptiveLive for giving me the opportunity to talk about DevOps and Cloud and for making it such a positive experience.

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