AWS Cost Optimisation Check – NOW FREE!

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Free Initial review to drive Cost Optimisation review of your cloud platform

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The approach is simple No Win – No Fee. 

This product is for a 1-3-day statement of work.  It involves allowing us remote access to your AWS environments and be evaluating whether you are utilising your AWS resources in a cost-efficient way.  If we have identified you are efficient then that’s it.  We give you peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to manage your resources and we resign ourselves to the fact that

Day 1-3

  • Provide client with AWS restricted credentials to give our team the minimum required policies
  • Do an initial assessment of monthly averages
  • Identify areas of potential costs savings
  • Report on whether money can be saved in AWS account.

If we identify there are potential cost savings found then…

Day 4++

  • Identify, agree and declare on the Monthly Total Cost Average.
  • Implement cost saving strategies
  • Identify forecasted money saved.

We then compare the average daily costs to the latest day costs

If the cost-saving is less than 20% we walk away and bear the brunt of working at risk.

If the cost-saving is equal to or greater than 20% then we have both accomplished the goal of saving you 20% or more on your AWS bills.

The cost of the work will be 2 months savings (based on the average above).


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